12. Manipulation Techniques L5/S1

This collection of videos demonstrate a large range of manipulation techniques for the L5/S1 junctional segment. This number of variations for the same joint is given due often to the difficulty of this specific joint which is further made more difficult as the joint itself is often anomalous (abnormal or unusual) facet joint plane/angle/surface anatomy. The side lying techniques use the basic lumbar roll setup and there are four techniques with four different primary lever directions. All need the viewer to watch the demonstration closely and listen for the relevant information of when the individual techniques might be more helpful and with specific patients (morphology) and patient problems (pathologies). The standing technique is a traction technique which has some contra-indications explained in the video and there is a sitting variation which can be helpful when the payment is taller than the therapist! The prone techniques often work very well as a manipulation especially of the therapists assumes it is more of a mobilising and uses a mobilising type of movement but simply shortens the amplitude and increases the speed and rhythm. Much practice and repetition is required to master these techniques.

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