Daryl Herbert DO

Registered Osteopath & International Lecturer in Manipulation

Daryl Herbert is a senior lecturer at the University College of Osteopathy (UCO) formerly the British School of Osteopathy (BSO), London, UK, and has been teaching osteopathic and manipulative technique and manual therapy since 1991. He qualified in 1988 from the UCO and has taught there since, in the out-patient's clinic, in the technique classrooms of all years, being responsible for first years education for over fifteen years and more recently the Advanced Spinal Manipulation Elective for the final years students. In the last twenty-six years Daryl has taught all over Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, USA, Australia and the Middle East, in almost 20 countries world wide with osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors and manual therapists.

Daryl studied under Professor Laurie Hartman the leading light in the world of manipulation and the teaching of manual techniques. Having worked with Laurie both clinically in his practice, assisting him teach for ten years and since working alongside him as equals, Daryl's own teaching style and approach has developed in such a way that his teaching is in great demand.

The Osteopathic Technique Instructional Videos, Series 1 & Series 2 are the culmination of years of development & practice in the teaching of Minimal Lever Mid Range (MLMR) manipulation. These videos represent the current standard for the desire to be able to perform with optimum results, safe, comfortable, effective & efficient manipulation techniques, which are supported by up to date research.

These videos will be an essential guide for students and practitioners who desire to improve their current knowledge and skills and for those who wish to push themselves and the boundaries of their treatment for their patients.