4. Manipulation Techniques Occiput/C1 (C0/C1)

This collection of videos demonstrate a range of manipulation techniques for the C0/C1 facet joint. There are cradle and chin grips for primary lever of rotation and side bending techniques to ipsilateral and contralateral joints respectively, including a very specific side bending technique to the contralateral facet with full cervical rotation and hence a 'normal' C1/C2. Finally a sitting technique which uses a primary lever of rotation but the total rotation is extremely small and hence very safe. The therapist must maintain a positive side bending throughout to keep the rotation controlled and small and to reduce discomfort due to applicator contact on the Transverse Process of C1, as well as introducing other secondary components to focus to the barrier. All techniques using a so called 'rotation' primary lever should be aware that very minimal or no rotation is actually present in this joint. The patients head still looks like it is rotating but in reality at the facet joint it is a 'rotation type' movement which is more like a small extension movement of the occipital condyle on the lateral mass articular facet of the C1. Minimal Lever Mid Range manipulation techniques ensure that the primary lever and the impulse are as minimal as possible, thus still making these techniques non torsional, safe and comfortable. Much practice and repetition is required to master these techniques.

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