11. Mobilising & Manipulation Techniques T12/L1

This collection of videos demonstrate one super mobilisation technique and a range of manipulation techniques, side lying, sitting and prone. The mobilisation technique at the start uses a 'Harmonic' or 'Rhythmic' approach making the movement easy for the therapist, almost self sustaining and it should follow the rhythm of the patients tissues. This mobilisation techniques uses principled of minimal lever mid range manipulation as it introduces a number of components to ensure efficient and effective mobilising. The manipulation techniques demonstrate a range of primary level rotation and side bending primary lever approaches in the basic side lying lumbar position simply modified to focus the the T12/L1 junction without using torsion or locking of the spine. The last two are manipulation techniques also for the T12/L1 junction in the sitting and prone positions respectively all again using minimal lever mid range approaches. All of the these manipulation techniques give modification for the 11th & 12th ribs in each of the demonstrated positions. Much practice and repetition is required to master these techniques.

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