10. Manipulation Techniques Mid Lumbar Spine

This collection of videos demonstrate 3 approaches for manipulating the mid Lumbar region, using a basic 'Lumbar Roll' and a sitting manipulation technique. The first two Lumbar side lying techniques use a primary lever of rotation and side bending respectively and the sitting technique uses rotation. The first and last are focusing to the ipsilateral facet (in the side lying technique the upper facet, in the sitting technique it is the facet on the side of the applicator/contact hand on the spine) whilst the second technique focusses to the contra lateral facet (in the side lying technique the lower facet). All three techniques are using a minimal lever mid range approach to be more specific, controlled and less torsional. In the first demonstration a full explanation and demonstration is given for the basic set up of this technique, especially for the positioning of the patient, their legs, arms and pelvis and then the therapists position. Much practice and repetition is required to master these techniques.

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