Mini Treatment - 01 Cervical Spine

Cervical, Neck, Cervico-Thoracic junction, Upper Cervical Spine Neck muscles

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Category: Cervical Cervico Thoracic Junction Neck Neck muscles Upper Cervical Spine
Tags: Cervical Spine Cervico Thoracic Junction anterior and lateral muscles and fascia stretch anterior cervical fascia anterior cervical muscles anterior horn anterior posterior slide glide articulation assessment atlanto axial c1 c2 side bending mobilising atlas axis manipulation c0 c1 c1 c2 c7 t1 cartilage cartilages cervical erector spinae cervical spine cervico thoracic junction manipulation cervicothoracic junction chin grip chin hold circular movement circular scalp massage circumduction combined cross fibre and long stretch combined cross fibre and longitudinal stretch cradle grip cradle hold cross handed technique crossed hands approach effective and efficient manipulation examination facet joints facet locking figure of 8 flexion focussed foraminal gapping gapping gapping movement glide harmonic harmonic mobilising inferior inhibition intermediate internal & external rotation joint end stop joint range joint relocation lift off manipulation technique local local friction local inhibition local technique long stretch longitudinal longitudinal fibre stretch longitudinal stretch longitudinal traction lower cervical manipulation massage massage and mobilising medial mid cervical manipulation mid range focusing mid region minimal lever mid range minimal lever mid range manipulation minimal torsion mobilising mobilising to the c0 c1 modification modified modified cradle facing patient modified cradle grip modified cradle hold modified cradle hold facing patient modified cradle hold patient sitting multi axial multiple components multiple secondary components multiple secondary levers muscle spasm non torsional o a o a side bending mobilising occipito atlantal occiput atlas occiput atlas manipulation osteophytes paraspinal muscles paravertebral muscles patient side lying patient sitting primary lever primary lever flexion primary lever gapping primary lever rotation primary lever rotation in cranial direction primary lever side bending primary lever sliding and gapping primary mobilising direction prone restriction rhythmical rhythmical movement rotate rotation primary lever rotation primary lever direction safe manipulation scalenes scalp secondary components secondary levers shift articulation side bending primary lever side bending primary lever direction side lying side lying and sitting side lying and sitting techniques simple traction c0 c1 sitting sitting and standing lift off techniques sitting manipulation technique sitting or standing sitting technique slide slide upper facet slides facet sliding slight extension slight rotation small amplitude small amplitude impulse soft tissue soft tissue massage specific direct side bending mobilising to the c0 c1 and c1 c2 specific mobilising springing springing to the c0 c1 standing standing and prone techniques stretch stretch posterior structures stretching sub occipital muscles subluxation superficial superficial and deep muscle fascial stretch superior supine supine techniques therapeutic traction traction articulation upper cervical

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