11 General Osteopathic Treatment

Ankle, Arm, Cervical Spine, Cervico-Thoracic Junction, Clavicle, Elbow, Foot, Forearm, Gleno Humeral Joint, Gluteal, Hand, Hip, Knee, Lumbar Spine, Lumbo-Sacral Junction, Neck, Pelvis, Pubic Symphysis, Ribs, Sacro Iliac, Shoulder, Thoracic Spine, Thoraco- Lumbar Junction, Thumb, Toes, Upper Cervical Spine, Wrist, Acromio-Clavicular Joint, Shoulder muscles, Arm & Forearm muscles, Hand muscles, Gluteal & Hip muscles, Thigh muscles Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calf muscles, Gastrocnemius & Soleus muscles, Neck muscles, Thorax & Rib muscles, Lumbar muscles, Sacro-iliac

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Category: Acromio Clavicular Joint Ankle Arm Calf muscles Cervical Spine Cervico Thoracic Junction Clavicle Elbow Foot Forearm Gastrocnemius & Soleus muscles Gleno Humeral Joint Gluteal Gluteal & Hip muscles Hamstrings Hand Hand muscles Hip Knee Lumbar muscles Lumbar Spine Lumbo Sacral Junction Neck Neck muscles Pelvis Pubic Symphysis Ribs Sacro Iliac Sacro-iliac Shoulder Shoulder muscles Thigh muscles Quadriceps Thoracic Spine Thoraco Lumbar Junction Thorax & Rib muscles Thumb Toe Upper Cervical Spine Wrist
Tags: 11th & 12th rib manipulation prone 1st rib modification 4th to 12th ribs 5th to 10th ribs Calming & Stimulating treatment Examination & Treatment together Global Treatment Global Treatment Approach Treat as you find ac joint acromio clacular joint acromio clavicular joint ankle ankle joint ankle traction anterior anterior and lateral muscles and fascia stretch anterior cervical fascia anterior cervical muscles anterior horn anterior posterior slide glide articulation assessment astride table atlanto axial c1 c2 side bending mobilising atlas axis manipulation back to back big toe biscuit breaking bucket handle buttocks c0 c1 c1 c2 c7 t1 calcaneum capitate carpal bones carpal joints carpo metacarpal bones carpo metacarpal joints cartilage cartilages cervical erector spinae cervical spine cervico thoracic junction manipulation cervicothoracic junction chin grip chin hold chopard line circular movement circular scalp massage circumduction clavicle combined cross fibre and long stretch combined cross fibre and longitudinal stretch costa counter nutation counter nutation articulation counter nutation movement sacrum coxa femoral joint coxo femoral joint cradle grip cradle hold cross handed technique crossed hands approach cuboid cuboid & 4th & 5th metatarsals cuboid & calcaneum cuneiform deep direct direct impulse direct impulse technique direct technique disc distal carpal joints distal tibio fibular joint distraction dog technique effective and efficient manipulation elbow end feel eversion examination facet joints facet locking femur figure of 8 first metatarsal flexion focussed foot foraminal gapping forearm gapping gapping lower facet gapping movement gastrocnemius gastrocs gh joint gh joint modification glena humeral joint modification gleno humeral joint glide gluteal muscles gluteal region gluteus maximus gluteus medius gluteus minimus hallux hamate hamstrings harmonic harmonic mobilising harmonic mobilising technique to t12 l1 harmonic mobilising to hip joint hip joint humero ulna joint humero ulna lateral and medial facet joints and radio humeral and radio ulna joints ileum ileum anterior ileum posterior ilium individual carpal bones and joints inferior inhibition intermediate intermediate carpal joints intermediate cuneiform internal & external rotation interosseous membrane interosseous membranes inversion joint end stop joint range joint relocation knee joint knee meniscus l5 s1 lateral border foot lateral cuneiform lateral humero ulna facet lateral malleolus lateral meniscus lateral tibial shift latissimus dorsi levator scapulae lift off manipulation technique local local friction local inhibition local technique long stretch longitudinal longitudinal fibre stretch longitudinal stretch longitudinal traction lower cervical lower facet lower joint lower ribs bucket handle movement stretch. fix rib lower thoracic segments lumbar erector spinae lumbar flexion lumbar gapping lumbar roll manipulation lumbar rotation lumbar spine lumbo sacral lumbosacral junction lunate m primary lever side bending manipulation manipulation prone massage massage and mobilising medial medial border medial border foot medial cuneiform medial humero ulna facet medial malleolus medial meniscus medialtibial shift menisci meniscii meniscus metatarsals mid cervical manipulation mid lumbar spine mid range focusing mid region minimal lever mid range minimal lever mid range manipulation minimal torsion mobilising mobilising and manipulation elbow joints mobilising and manipulation foot bones and foot joints mobilising and manipulation knee joints mobilising and manipulation wrist bones and wrist joints mobilising to forearm long bones mobilising to the c0 c1 modified modified cradle facing patient modified cradle grip modified cradle hold modified cradle hold facing patient modified cradle hold patient sitting modified dog technique modified lumbar technique modified mill modified mills manipulation modified supine thoracic manipulation multi axial multi faceted multiple components multiple secondary components multiple secondary levers muscle spasm navicular non torsional nutation o a o a side bending mobilising occipito atlantal occiput atlas occiput atlas manipulation osteophytes paraspinal muscles paravertebral muscles patient side lying patient sitting peri scapular phalanges pisiform positive fixing of rib positive small stretch posterior posterior horn posterior muscles primary lever primary lever flexion primary lever gapping primary lever rotation primary lever rotation in cranial direction primary lever side bending primary lever sliding and gapping primary lever superior primary lever traction primary lever traction or cranial primary lever translation primary mobilising direction prone prone springing proximal carpal joints psoas muscle pubic symphysis pubis pump handle lower ribs push impulse radio carpal joint radio humeral joint radio ulna joint radius restriction reverse lumbar technique rhomboids rhythmical rhythmical movement rib angle rib movement superior or cranial ribs rotate rotation primary lever rotation primary lever direction sacral springing sacro iliac joints sacroiliac joint sacroiliac joint manipulation sacrum sacrum anterior sacrum counter nutation sacrum nutation sacrum posterior safe manipulation sc joint scalenes scalp scaphoid scapulo thoracic secondary components secondary levers shift articulation shoulder si joints side bending primary lever side bending primary lever direction side lying side lying and sitting side lying and sitting techniques side lying side bending upper and lower facets side lying t12 l1 simple traction c0 c1 sitting sitting and standing lift off techniques sitting manipulation technique sitting or standing sitting technique slide slide upper facet slides facet sliding slight extension slight rotation small amplitude small amplitude impulse soft tissue soft tissue massage soleus specific direct side bending mobilising to the c0 c1 and c1 c2 specific external rotation specific internal rotation specific mobilising spondylolisthesis springing springing to the c0 c1 squeezing compression impulse standing standing and prone techniques sterno clavicular joint sterno clvicular joint stretch stretch posterior structures stretching sub occipital muscles sub talar joint subluxation subscapularis superficasl and deep muscle fascial stretch. quadriceps superficial superficial and deep muscle fascial stretch prone superficial and deep muscle fascial stretch. rib stretching superficial and deep muscle fascial stretch. supine superior superior tibio fibular joint supine supine techniques supine thoracic manipulation syndesmosis talo crural joint talus therapeutic thoracic erector spinae thoracic manipulation technique thoracic spine thoraco lumbar manipulation thoracolumbar junction tibia tibia anterior tibia posterior tibial plateau tibial shift toes traction traction & pistol grip techniques traction articulation traction impulse traction manipulation traction or cranial primary lever trapezium first metacarpal trapezius trapezoid triangle technique triquetral ulna upper cervical upper facet upper facet lower facet upper joint upper ribs upper ribs pump handle upwards vertical winging scapular wrist

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