2. Manipulation Mid Cervical Spine

This collection of videos demonstrate a range of minimal lever mid range manipulation techniques as applied to the mid Cervical spine. The basic 'Cradle' and 'Chin' holds are demonstrated, explanation of the basic grip, exactly where to place the therapists hands and where the movements are generated from is described. Firstly this is done using a rotation primary lever direction of manipulation and the secondary levers are described and introduced building the barrier. With each new secondary the primary direction movement is returned to neutral thus ensuring minimal primary lever, and hence torsion keeping the technique minimal lever mid range. The benefits of cradle verses chin are discussed.

Further techniques described are the cradle and chin grips using a side bending primary lever manipulation to the contra-lateral facet and the ipsilateral facet, as well as a modified cradle grip using a primary lever of rotation whilst the therapist has changed position to face the patient and a sitting modified cradle grip using a primary lever of rotation. All the techniques use a similar basic routine to build the barrier, finally finishing off with small impulse movements to release the facet joint. Much practice and repetition is required to master these techniques.

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