16. Acromio-Clavicular & Sterno-Clavicular Joints Mobilising & Manipulation

This collection of videos demonstrate mobilisation techniques applied to the Acromio-Clavicular joint with the patient in the sitting, supine and side lying positions. This range of techniques gives great variation which will often help with different patient morphologies and patient who are disabled or who cannot lie down supine or side lying or who cannot sit, especially those in wheel chairs. The viewer will need to watch closely the handling control as the therapist moves from one technique to the next, much rehearsal is required to achieve the necessary smoothness of movement and control of the grip. Many of the specific mobilisation techniques can be used with acute and chronic shoulder problems, but pay attention as these are very specific techniques and as such can be powerful and direct. The sitting manipulation technique is relatively easy but should not be applied when the patient has an active or ongoing capsulitis or inflammation as alot of strong pain can be felt by the patient. Remember to try adduction and abduction positions of the elbow when manipulating the Acromio-Clavicular joint. The last set of techniques in this collection focus to the Sterno-Clavicular joint, starting with mobilisation approaches and then a manipulation approach often used to 'relocate' and subluxed or dislocated Clavicle. These manipulation techniques do work but often the joints supportive ligaments will have been damaged and hence can no longer support/stabilise the joint so it may easily sublux or dislocate again will little or no effort.

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