17. Soft Tissue Massage, Mobilising and Manipulation to the Upper Extremity & Elbow Joints

This collection of videos demonstrate a range of soft tissue massage techniques to the large arm and forearm muscle groups, with cross-fibre, longitudinal and combined active stretches. These massage technique should be performed slowly with positive hands that do not just simply slide over the skin but really work into the muscle fibres and their fascia and layers. There are also techniques which demonstrate basic but very useful mobilising approaches to gapping of the 'three' Elbow joints. Specifically the medial and lateral Humer-Ulna joints and the Humero-Radial joint, including the 'Modified Mill's' technique for manipulation the Radial head at the Radio-Ulna joint. Lastly there are very useful techniques to mobilise the forearm bones, these techniques link the wrist/hand with the elbow and shoulder and help maintain a flowing treatment. With all of these techniques the viewer must observe how the therapist uses his body to introduce the various movements, with smooth, controlled, slow and definite activity.

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