6. C7/T1 Mobilising & Manipulation

This collection of videos demonstrate a large range of techniques specifically for the C7/T1 facet (spinal junction) The techniques start with mobilisation techniques one in sitting and the second Harmonic technique in supine. The manipulation techniques consist of supine cradle holds for the C7/T1 and a modification for the 1st rib, moving onto two side lying approaches which use a side bending primary lever focus to the ipsilateral (upper facet) and the contra-lateral (lower facet). A prone 'cross handed' approach is shown with a modification for the 1st rib, a sitting specific very minimal rotation technique is demonstrated which is a wonderful technique which does require control and a lot of practice and the viewer must follow the instruction of the component building process to the barrier in this particular case. The last two techniques are sitting and standing 'lift-off' approaches to the C7/T1. Remember all sitting and standing techniques within a treatment do break the flow of the treatment and unless specifically needed at a certain point in the treatment work well towards the end of the treatment when you are starting to get the patient up off the plinth! Much practice and repetition is required to master these techniques.

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