3. CO/C1 Soft Tissue Massage & Mobilising Techniques Occiput/C! & C1/C2

This collection of videos demonstrate a range of soft tissue massage techniques to the Scalp and base of the Skull to release local tension and soft tissue fibre adhering and tightening. A very specific and ever so simple traction technique to the C0/C1 is explained and demonstrated which fits together well with the soft tissue techniques, functional and cranial techniques especially as the patient is in the supine position and the therapist is sitting at the head end of the plinth. Finally direct mobilising/springing techniques at the C0/C1 into flexion and extension are shown working bilaterally and unilaterally and a very specific and easy side bending springing type of mobilising is shown to the C0/C1 and C1/C2, which are not a replacement for manipulating at these levels but are very direct, efficient and effective techniques.

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