3.2.4 Manipulation of the C7/T1 Supine

This video demonstrates a supine cradle technique with a primary lever of rotation, as applied to the C7/T1 joint. There are three small issues with this joint & this technique: i the facet angle at C7/T1 which is on quite a 'cranial' angle direction means the rotation must be applied along this cranial angle direction to slide the facet. ii the neck is mobile and between the 'helping' hand on the occiput and the 'working' hand on the C7, the two hands can either introduce a shift/translation movement towards the mid line and each other, or a supination away from the mid line and each other. This gives stabilisation to the neck, keeping the whole neck neutral and specific focusing at the C7/T1. iii The Trapezius muscle gets on the way of the 'working' hands contact onto the articular pillar of C7. So follow the practical & theory explanation in the video and this technique can be very effective.

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