2.4.4 Sitting and Standing Thoracic 'Lift-Off' Manipulation Technique

This video demonstrates the basic approach to the sitting and standing 'lift off' manipulation technique for the Thoracic spine. The 'lift off' technique is basically a 'Dog' technique applied in a vertical position. The therapists body (anterior aspect) become the applicator and the therapists arms grip around the front of the patient and introduce the relevant and appropriate components. The actual name 'lift off' is suggestive that the patient is lifted of the table, however this should not be the case. Add the therapist pulls through the patients arms, the therapists applies and anterior pressure with their anterior body acting as a positive application fixing one (the lower) vertebra and the higher one is pulled/pushed in a cranial direction which is the lift off. Good co-ordination and timing are both required to ensure and efficient, effective and comfortable technique.

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